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5 Reasons why you need to use Rakuten

You most likely have heard of Rakuten but probably don't know what it does. Rakuten is a HUGE benefit to online shoppers and Credit Card Point Enthusiasts and you are missing out tremendously if you are not signed up! When you shop online directly from a brand you are missing out on tons of free money, discounts, or even Credit Card points! Rakuten is a FREE shopping portal where you can earn Cash Back for online shopping at over 3,500 stores AUTOMATICALLY! No extra step or hassle needed. Here are my Top 5 reasons why you need to start using Rakuten for your everyday online shopping.

Get Paid to Join!

Rakuten will send you a check when you join their FREE program. Who doesn't want free money?

Use my referral code to join and get a free $40 check sent to you when you join Rakuten!

Get Free Cash Back for normal online shopping! offers daily promotions for cash back. Log in to their website before you online shop and you can skin through the daily deals and offers.

Or, you can download their Internet extension which automatically notifies you of discounts or cash back opportunities when shopping at your favorite stores. For example, if you go to Nike it will prompt you immediately with what you could earn for normal shopping!

Get Free American Express AMEX points!

The most valuable part of Rakuten is the ability to earn AMEX points instead of Cash Back. Get FREE AMEX points for online shopping which can then be used for booking free flights or hotels!

Instead of cash back you can earn an AMEX point per dollar. If a store is offering 15% Cash Back then you could earn 15 Amex Membership Points for each dollar spent! The value of AMEX points is way better than Cash Back! But either way it is a win win so don't lose out by not joining.

PLUS, you also earn points on your credit cards in addition to the AMEX Points or Cash back!

To earn AMEX points you need an American Express Credit Card! If you don’t have one, check out the American Express Platinum Card HERE and you can earl 150,000 Points Plus a $200 Statement Credit!

Free money and points are only one click away.

Rakuten offers daily deals but also specials. On May 8th they are running a 15-20% cash back sale at select stores. This is a HUGE offer especially if you are earning AMEX Points.

Save your big purchases for these sales and you can earn THOUSANDS of points for FREE.

Hot Deals!

Rakuten has daily promo codes and coupons for shopping in addition to the cash back or points you can earn! If you are shopping online then you better not miss out and make sure your earning value with Rakuten.

Turn your Cash Back or American Express points in to world class travel!


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