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Full Review of the thrilling adventure experience on the New Tron Ride at Disney World

If you are planning a trip to Disney World then you need to make a stop at Magic Kingdom's newest attraction, Tron. This new thrilling adventure ride is the newest roller coaster at Disney World and is perfect for thrill-seekers and Disney enthusiasts.

Tron lit roller coaster ride soars by in Disney World

The ride is definitely going to be popular so I would absolutely recommend getting a Disney Genie+ pass to reserve a time slot to help beat the line. The queue on this ride brings you through a dark and immersive light experience as you near the platform to embark on the short but thrilling ride.

This ride features tons of cutting-edge technology and immersive storylines to keep your adrenaline pumping through the entire experience. You start in a small waiting area where a short video plays and then it lights up at the end as it opens to the final staging area where you can see the ride start.

This ride is unique at Disney World as you are strapped in like you are on a motorcycle. The ride combines a roller coaster with cutting-edge visual effects to make this a remarkable experience. Disney's Imagineers have done it again and immerse you as a rider into the world of Tron.

The ride brings you to a stop with a giant straightaway ahead as it counts down from 3 seconds before taking off on an instant acceleration straight away. You speed through the grid andl encounter iconic characters, face thrilling challenges, and uncover the secrets of this digital realm.

The ride is accessibility and family friendly as it offers a traditional style seat in the back of the motorcycle train. No matter where you are sitting on the ride you will enjoy this thrilling adventure as it takes you outside and inside through the dark crevices of the Tron world. This ride is fun both at Day and Night. If you are coming for a night ride you can catch the firework display from Magic Kingdom as well! The night rides are arguably more entertaining as the lighting on the ride and area is truly spectacular.

I hope this full review of the Tron Ride prepares you for your amazing trip to Disney World and making this attraction a must visit!


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