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Best views in the Valley of Fire State Park

45 Minutes outside of Las Vegas is a must see Nevada State Park called, The Valley of Fire. The park may get the names from the color of the beautiful red rocks or because the temperature here can be scorching hot! 

Milky Way stars over the desert road

If you are planning a long Vegas trip, this is a good way to get off the strip and enjoy some views. If you are planning a trip to California or Arizona/Utah, this is a great pit stop to stretch your legs. The only downside with this park is that it isn’t part of the US National Park Pass. 

Be sure to bring your camera… and a bunch of water. This park will surely make you feel like you are on a different planet.

iconic road through the rocky desert mountains of the valley of fire

Things to see

Mouse’s Tank Road - the iconic road 

Fire Canyon 

Pink Canyon 

Fire Wave Trail 

The Bee Hives

Slot Canyons in the White Domes

There are amazing rocks, views, and trails throughout the park. Some of the best views are the contrasting curvy roads that go through these barren rocky dessert. The colors and textures of the rock formations make this park a must see.

man walking through the desert heat with a hat in the valley of fire
bee hive stone structure
curvy roads through rocky mountains
hiker sitting on top of the red rock mountains
light entering through the dark close canyons


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