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Finding the perfect Beach in Cape Cod, MA

If you are in the Massachusetts area and looking for a perfect beach getaway, look no further than Cape Cod. This peninsula comes alive in the Summer time and is a traditional beach town. Many people immediately think of the Kennedys, lighthouses, and lobster when you think of this destination. When I hear Cape Cod I think of my favorite beach in the North East; Mayflower Beach. 

Lifeguard stand in Cape Cod

Cape Cod starts just a little over an hour drive from Boston and continues for about another hour to get to the far tip, Provincetown. The area has many neighborhood beach towns such as Hyannis, Dennis, and Chatham to name a few, each with their own unique charm. There are also the nearby  islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard that deserve a visit as well. 

Things to To

Visit the Beaches

My favorite beach in this area is Mayflower Beach. This beach is no secret. Plan to get here early as the parking lot will fill up very quickly. This is a good tip for most of the public beaches in this area. 

Aerial View of the Cape Cod homes on the beach

The beach has many great perks like the snack bar and clean restrooms which you won’t find at many of these local beaches. But the best part of this beach handsdown is when the tide changes. Many people know that Low Tide and High Tide means smaller and larger sand beaches or that you’ll simply have to move your chair further or closer from the water. But the changing of the tides at Mayflower beach means tide pools, sandbards, and little islands. 

Aerial drone view of bright blue changing tide waters

Lobster, Lobster, Lobster

Lobster Roll is famous in these areas and for good reason. Make sure to fill up and find your favorite lobster roll at one of the hundreds of restaurants or shops serving up these delicious sandwiches. Fun Fact: Lobster Roll pairs well with ice cream for dessert. 

Places to See


There is no shortage of lighthouses when it comes to Cape Cod. This is a great subject for day or night photography. Milky Way Season lines up well with the summer hours so this will make for an even better shot.

Cape Cod National SeaShore

This is a National Park so be sure to bring your National Park Pass when entering. 

Dark Skys

Getting out of the city means less light pollution. Get away from the residential lights and you should have a bright sky ahead to even catch a Milky Way show in the summer time.

Milkyway and stars behind a cape cod lifeguard stand

Beachfront mansions in Cape Cod


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