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Flying Business Class on Emirates

Emirates, is easily one of the world’s best airlines known for its premium products whether you are flying in economy, business class, or first class. Based in Dubai, UAE, they have direct flights from their hub city to some of the best places in the world like the Maldives, Seychelles, Thailand, Australia, etc.

The Fleet

Emirates flies two types of planes, the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A380 both of which are the largest planes in the sky. The A380, is a full double story plane which you can find on US routes departing from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and JFK. The 777 departs from Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Newark, Orlando, Seattle, and Washington DC. If you are departing from other US cities you will most likely find yourself starting on a partner airline like American Airlines or Jet Blue.

The A380 is a superior product and you should aim to fly on that plane if flying Emirates. However, no matter which plane you are on, the 777 on Emirates surely beats any other Domestic plane product and you will still enjoy the premium amenities that are synonymous with Emirates.

Boeing 777 Review

The Boeing 777 Business Class has a 2-3-2 configuration meaning every seat does not have direct aisle access. The 2 seats on either end are perfect for couples traveling together but the group of 3 in the middle is a little more awkward. The middle seat in the cluster has less privacy and therefore would have to climb over the person next to them if the seats are in lie flat positions. Be sure to book early to make sure you aren’t getting stuck in the middle seat!

The seats are angled-flat vs the true lie flat and you will certainly feel that after 10+ hours of flying. Of course, this is still a great product and better than 99% of other airline options. You will enjoy lavish interiors with great entertainment screens, fine dining, and spacious accommodations.

Airbus A380 Review

Emirates is one of the few airliners that still keep the A380 in the sky. This makes Emirates more desirable as the A380 is easily the best plane to fly. The size of the plane is very noticeable providing much larger and spacious cabins.

The Business Class is the entire 2nd floor of the plane which offers 76 seats. The seats are in a 1-2-1 configuration and each seat is a “suite” that features way more space and storage compared to the 777. The seats are wider than the 777 (22.5” vs 18.5”) and are fully flat. There is way more privacy and storage space making a much more comfortable flying experience.

The plane certainly is more spacious thanks to the business class/ first class lounge in the back of the plane. There is a full service bar, a big screen TV for sporting games, and even dining tables and couches to interact with other guests onboard. This lounge is truly the most amazing Business Class experience in the sky.

In flight experience

Emirates prides themselves on their service. Their selection of alcohol, snacks, and food is easily one of the best out there. The entertainment systems feature a never ending list of movies and tv as well as Live TV which is a nice perk to have during a 16 hour flight.

Business Class Lounges

The perks of flying business class are noticeable on the ground and in the air. The business class lounges on Emirates are some of the most luxurious spaces.

The Dubai airport is an experience in itself, but the lounge in Dubai is something else. The lounge itself feels like a mall with thousands of SF of napping beds, multiple dining buffet stations, bars, bathrooms, and even showers.

Booking a Ticket

The cost of a business class ticket is expensive which makes booking it with points that much more desirable. Emirates is a partner with American Express. You can transfer AMEX points to Emirates Skywards miles and book these amazing flights for a fraction of the cost.

Use my referral code to sign up for the American Express Platinum Credit Card. The signup bonus alone will get you closer to earning that business class flight!


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