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Flying Business Class on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, based in Doha, is commonly referred to as one of the best airlines in the world. Their new business class product, the Q Suite, offers a business class product that rivals most first class offerings. With an attentive staff, fine dining, and a world class product, flying Qatar is truly a memorable experience.

The Fleet

Qatar airways flies a few different types of planes and not all planes are the same! Always check to see what plane is on your route before booking.

The Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 are both some of the largest and best planes in the sky. Not all of these planes come equipped with the Qsuite so be sure to check the layout or the Qsuite designation before booking.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the newest engineered plane making it the smoothest and quietest experiences in the sky. Unfortunately this plane doesn't offer Qsuite but their traditional business class is still an amazing product.

The Airbus A380 doesn’t offer the Qsuite but this plane is the largest and most spacious in the fleet. This plane offers first class (the others do not) and also features a lounge space with a bar. The added luxury to walk around and added common space make this plane one of the best in the sky.

Boeing 777 Review (Non Q Suite)

We flew on an older and more dated Boeing 777 but it was still a great product. The seats were in a 2-2-2 configuration. The middle pair of seats has direct aisle access but the window seats on the end do not. The seats were fully flat and very spacious with ample storage space and a great entertainment system.

Airbus A350 Review (Q Suite)

The Qsuite is hands down the most amazing product in the sky. The seat configuration is a 1-2-1 with doors that make each seat its own private suite. Additionally, the middle seats can be configured into a double bed or even a 4 person suite!

The food is served on demand which not every airline offers. Whether it is a meal, a snack, or a drink, the flight attendant will make whatever you want whenever you want it! The food on board is easily the best food in the sky. My 16 hour flight consisted of a breakfast omelet & fruit smoothie, a hamburger and chips for lunch, and a Mediterranean mezze and a lobster thermidor for dinner. This was easily one of the best flight experiences in the sky.

Booking with Qatar

Qatar is a member of the One World Alliance. You can book partner flights and even award flights from US based Alaska Airlines or American Airlines. Additionally, you can book Qatar with British Airways and their Avios currency. You can also earn Avios by transferring American Express points to Avios.

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