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Goblin Valley Travel Guide

Hiker standing in the middle of the Goblin Valley State Park

Utah is home some of the best National Parks in the US but also has some very unique and impressive State Parks including Dead Point Horse State Park and Goblin Valley State Park.

Goblin Valley is closest to pair when visiting nearby Capitol Reef National Park. It is also relatively accessible from Salt Lake City or Moab (including Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park). This park can easily be visited with a quick day trip stop or perfect for an overnight stay when booking one of the fun Yurts.

Yurt next to the Red Rock Cliffs in Utah


Night Sky Watching is some of the best in Utah and even more so here due to the proximity from any major nearby towns or cities. There is very minimal light pollution allowing you to see the entire galaxy above.


- The Valley of Goblins is broken up in 3 separate valleys allowing you to explore as much as you want. Going to the 2nd or 3rd valley will allow you to lose some of the crowds as well.

- The Goblin's Lair (3 mi RT) is a unique slot canyon which requires getting a permit to repel in to the dark lair below.

- The Three Sisters is an easy rock formation 250 feet from the parking lot

Mountain Biking is another great activity at the park with 5 separate loop trails to enjoy

hiker looking out in to the rock valley of Utah
cave view of Mushroom like rocks in the goblin valley state park in Utah
hiker in the middle of the red rock structures in Utah


There are no amenities or hotels around here so the only way to spend a night is to Camp.

Camping is one of the best activities to do here with great overnight facilities for reservations. Bring a tent, an RV, or rent the Yurts (with free grill included) to make for the perfect overnight adventure.

yurt campground in Utah desert


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