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Hawaiian Airlines Flight Review

Photo Courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the best ways to fly to Hawaii. I typically would encourage everyone to stick with one airline and use them exclusively in order to get status or accrue miles faster for a free trip. However, if you are flying to Hawaii, then you definitely need to consider booking a trip with this airline.

Most of their flights are more than 5 hours from the west coast and longer if you are flying from some of their east coast destinations. Being able to offer a direct flight to Hawaii from the east coast makes this one of the best perks of the airline.

From the moment you step foot on the flight, you will know you are in for a treat. With beautiful interior cabins, Hawaiian music playing, Mai Tai’s flowing (free in first class), you are bound to start your vacation to paradise off perfectly.


Most of the planes that fly to the islands are the large wide body Airbus A3330s. If you are an AV Geek you will know that is a good plane. If you aren’t, let me explain why this makes for a better flight.

Regardless of class, the wide body cabin means there are two aisles providing more space so you don’t feel as claustrophobic on your long trip.

Even in economy, the seats are retrofitted with TV entertainment systems and even serve food! Yes, FREE food on a plane! Who remembers the golden age of flying when you could get free food on a plane! The food is actually pretty good as well for plane standards.


If you are flying the wide body Airbus, the first class has Lie Flat Seats which is a great way to start your vacation to Hawaii. The first class configuration is three groups of 2 (2-2-2) per row. Many people like the single direct access in first class but because this is such a vacation oriented flight, you are most likely flying with someone and will be able to enjoy their company together.

The seats have large trays for dining or working as well as a footrest which can be used when you aren’t fully lying flat.

The flight attendants will hand out large Ipads with downloaded media for you to stream while on your flight whether it is TV or a Movie. I typically like a built in TV but the ipad resolution is 10X better than what you could get in a seat back entertainment.

If you are enjoying a memorable vacation, splurging for first class on Hawaiian Airlines is worth it! Hawaiian Airlines can be booked on points as they are a transfer partner with American Express.


Hawaiian Airlines has their own credit card but if you aren’t flying consistently with them then I would certainly not recommend signing up for the card. American Express is a transfer partner and you can immediately transfer your Membership Rewards points instantly to Hawaiian Airlines to book a flight for FREE! If you are planning a trip, keep a lookout as American Express often runs promotions which offer 25% bonuses when transferring to Hawaiian Airlines making it even more desirable.

I always recommend the American Express Platinum Card which is the best travel credit card. See my full review about the American Express Platinum Card or signup here to get the huge sign-up bonus.

Be sure to check out all of my travel guides before planning your next trip to Hawaii!


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