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Must see waterfalls to visit in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are known for its amazing mountain landscapes and pristine beaches. The island terrain and tropical climate creates hundreds of magnificent and flowing waterfalls. Some waterfalls are visible way up high on the mountain ridges, some are along the side of the road, and some require a hike to visit. If you are planning a trip to any of the Hawaiian Islands, be sure to visit some of the best waterfalls.

Which island has the best waterfall? You decide.

The Big Island

The Hilo side of the Big Island is home to wetter climates and thus some of the better waterfalls on the island.

Akaka Falls is located in Akaka Falls State Park and is a paved trail that brings you up close and personal to the main waterfall standing 442' high. The trail will take you through a lush tropical landscape and is a great hike for all.

Rainbow Falls is an 80' waterfall just alongside a parking lot. This is a great waterfall to visit for anyone as it requires no effort to see. Be sure to see it on a sunny day and you may even catch a rainbow over the waterfall spray.

Other waterfalls to visit are, Kahuna Falls, Peepee Falls, and Kalahuni Falls.


The Garden Isle is the most lush island and has some amazing waterfalls to see and visit. You can see countless super steep waterfalls rushing down from the ridges in Princeville or the Na Pali Coast.

Wailua Falls is a 175' beautiful waterfall and super close to the parking lot. You can see the waterfall from the viewing lookout or hike down and see the waterfall close up.

Waipo'o Falls is a magnificent 800'+ waterfall in the Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. You can see it from many of the lookouts or hike to it on a difficult 3.5 mile hike.

Other waterfalls to visit are Uluwehi Falls, Opakeaa Falls, & Hoolea Falls.


Maui may be my favorite island for waterfalls as you can explore and see tons of waterfalls as you explore the Road to Hana. There are so many amazing and easily accessible waterfalls just on this short drive.

Waimoku Falls is the grand prize at the end of the Road to Hana. This 650' waterfall is an impressive waterfalls at the end of the trail in the Haleakala National Park. You can get up close and personal to this beautiful waterfall in addition to the fun hike through the bamboo gardens to get there.

Wakani Falls is actually underneath the roadway on the Road to Hana. Stop alongside the road and you will see the beautiful waterfall in front of you and below.

Other waterfalls to visit are, Twin Falls, Wailua Falls, & Makapipi falls.


The Lulumahu waterfalls is my favorite waterfall to visit but requires a hike through the tropical forrest. It is a tricky waterfall to find but if you trek through the trail, you will pass a beautiful stream, bamboo forest, and ultimately to the bottom of a beautiful waterfall.

Other waterfalls to visit are, Waimea Falls, Manoa Falls, & Likeke Falls


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