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Must Visit Beaches in Laguna Beach, CA

Pirate Tower at Victoria Beach during a sunset at Laguna Beach

California is easily known for some of the most iconic stretches of coastline thanks to the beautiful rock and cliff formations adjacent to their beaches. Laguna Beach is easily home to some of my favorite beaches in the state.

Laguna Beach boasts some of the more picturesque beaches but the town itself should not be overshadowed. This small beach town features a great and convenient downtown with shops, restaurants, and bars.

Coastline view of the beautiful beach and mountains of Laguna Beach

The town is perfectly located as a halfway point between Los Angeles and San Diego being only 1 hour away from either major city. It is also neighboring to some other beautiful beach towns like Newport Beach and Huntington Beach.

Laguna Beaches features some of the most unique beach landscapes featuring beautiful tide pools, sea caves, cliffs, and some of the clearest waters in the State.

Must See Beaches:

Tide pools of 1000 Steps Beach

1000 Steps Beach

Although there aren't technically 1000 Steps, there are plenty of steps to get down (and up) to this beautiful spot and more than enough to have you break a sweat. Because of the steps and the lack of public parking (parking available on PCH), this beach is an amazing spot to visit as it is one of the quieter beaches on the Laguna Coastline. TIP: Don’t bring too much with you for your beach day because the way back up the stairs can be painful even with just a towel!

Swimmer enjoying the clear waters of a tide pool on a sunny day

The part that really sets this beach apart from others is the amazing caves and tide pool at the far South end of the beach. Be careful going to and through the cave as this can be dangerous at the wrong tide level. Also, be courteous of the private residences you will be approaching when getting to these iconic spots.

Victoria Beach Tide Pool with clear blue waters

Victoria Beach / Pirate Tower

Another unique beach because of the tide pools and Sand Castle Esque Tower that sits along the beach cliff. This is another quiet beach due to the lack of public parking (parking available on PCH)

Shaws Cove between beautiful lush green cliffs and palm trees

Shaws Cove

This beach boasts beautiful cliffs as well as more tide natural pools to enjoy. The tide pools here aren’t the same as 1000 Steps and Victoria Beach but beautiful nonetheless. This too is a quiet residential beach due to the lack of public parking (parking available on PCH).

Montage Laguna Beach resort sitting over a beautiful cliff overlooking blue ocean waters

Treasure Island Beach

This is one of the larger beaches as there is public parking and a beautiful luxury resort, The Montage, sitting next to this beach. There are some small caves and rock formations which make this beach stand out. Be sure to also walk and enjoy the paved path on the cliffside just in front of the private hotel property.

Aliso Beach Park

This beach has one of the largest public parking lots and therefore is one of the more crowded beaches in Laguna.

Main Beach

This beach sits right at the entrance into Laguna Beach and is walking distance to the downtown restaurants and shops.

Must Visit Resorts

If you are looking to enjoy a perfect getaway, pair some of the most iconic and luxurious resorts with some of the best beaches in the State.

The Montage Laguna Beach | Laguna Beach, CA

The Resort at Pelican Hill | Newport Beach, CA

Pasea Hotel & Spa | Huntington Beach, CA

Woman posing in a sea cave in front of an ocean sunset
Man leaving a sea cave on a beautiful quiet beach in Laguna Beach
Man standing on a cliff overlooking Laguna Beach tide pools
Fog rolling in over the Laguna Beach homes on a hill just above a beautiful beach


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