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Quick Trip to Monument Valley

The famous scene made famous by Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump got me all the way out in the middle of the Arizona / Utah border to see these amazing views. I just finished a long road trip to Page, Arizona but knew I couldn’t miss out driving another 2 hours to see Monument Valley. Large monolithic structures emerging randomly throughout the sand and rock desert landscape makes for over looks and vista points in every direction.

The scenic drive through this beautiful land is surely one not to miss. Of course, because its #2020, most of the stuff was closed but I was able to drive the iconic road and catch some amazing views.

There isn’t much between Page and Monument valley so be sure to have snacks and a full tank of gas before making the trip.

The iconic view from Forest Gump Hill along Route 163.

The amazing colors of rock and sand backdropped along the huge monolithic structures that emerge from the ground in random areas is truly awe inspiring.

I just felt like running

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