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The Bonneville Salt Flats; a must visit stop on any Utah road trip

Aerial view of a white truck in the middle of a salt flat

Utah is home to many unique and breathtaking terrains with the Bonneville Salt Flats being one of them. The Bonneville Salt Flats are a must visit stop when exploring Utah. Drive 90 minutes west of Salt Lake City to the middle of nowhere and you will be welcomed to 30,000 acres of moonscape views. What used to be a huge lake now remains a dried up salt flat.

White Ford Expedition in a salt flat with snow capped mountains in the background

There is not much between the Salt Flats and the city so be sure to be stocked up on Gas and Food. There aren’t any services except for a gas station a few minutes from the entrance so plan your trip accordingly. The salt flats can be wet in certain areas so be prepared to have a vehicle that can handle the off road terrain.

hiker kicking a sun burst in the Utah salt flats

Be sure to spend the day and catch those sunset reflections on the salt. Stay a little longer into the night and enjoy the dark skies and clear stars over the flats.

light trails through the white salt flats under a starry night sky


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