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A day trip to Portland's Japanese Garden

autumn orange and yellow filled trees above the Japanese entrance at the Portland Japanese garden

Oregon is known for some of the most beautiful outdoor landscapes from the snow capped mountains to the waterfalls. If you aren't planning to explore much of the City of Portland be sure to at least plan a quick stop in the Japanese Garden.

sun flair illuminating through the orange and yellow autumn colored tree

Just outside the city is the Japanese Garden which will immediately remove yourself from the city and in to a Japanese Garden. It is proclaimed to be one of the most authentic Japanese Gardens outside of Japan. The pristine 5+ acre landscape is filled with beautiful trees, plants, koi ponds, and waterfalls making it perfect for a visitor or photographer. You will be able to experience the Japanese Tea House, streams, and pristine pathways through the well manicured landscapes. Note, there is an added cost if you want to bring in a tripod but its easily worth the minimal fee.

waterfalls flowing through walks and colorful autumn plants at the Portland Japanese garden

You will easily forget you are in the City of Portland but you will quickly be reminded when you get to see the unparalleled view of Mount Hood from the gardens. The view is even more magnificent when you get to enjoy the iconic Pacific Northwest snow capped mountain behind the city.

snow covered mount hood behind the autumn colored Portland

The garden is beautiful year round but the best time to visit is in the Fall when the colors begin to change and landscape truly comes alive.

orange and yellow foliage illuminating over green planting at the Portland Japanese garden in fall


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