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Submerge yourself in luxury inside The Muraka Suite at the Conrad Maldives

The Maldives is known for its world class beaches and ultra luxury accommodations. The Conrad Maldives is a top choice resort when booking a trip to the Maldives. The resort offers excellent accommodations from large beach villas to their newly renovated overwater villas. For ultra luxury, you can book The Murka Suite and submerge yourself inside an underwater all glass bedroom!

Pathway leading the overwater Muraka Suite Villa sitting above the turquoise and blue ocean waters at Conrad Maldives

Check out my full review of The Conrad Maldives for everything you need to know before booking an unforgettable trip and experience.

The Muraka Suite is the first of its kind. This villa combines an overwater villa with an underwater villa! Sleep with the fish and marine life in an all glass bedroom! This is the ultimate destination in the Maldives.

man standing in an underwater glass bedroom looking up at the blue ocean water above

Underwater Bedroom - sleep beneath the surface

The Maldives is known for privacy but sleeping in an all glass bedroom provides another level of serenity. Lay in the bed or sitting area as hundreds of fish swim above you.

The underwater bedroom is connected to the main overwater villa by a spiral staircase or elevator which will bring you to a 180 degree curved glass dome. There is a motorized shade which can provide privacy that will encompass the entire glass ceiling.

There is a sitting area, full bathroom, and oversized closet.

Overwater Bedroom - sleep on top of the ocean

The overwater bedroom is a larger area with oversized bedroom, bathrooms, and closets. Soak in the oversized tub or get ready in your full marble slab bathroom. The toughest decision is deciding whether to sleep in the underwater or overwater bedroom.

The Living Area

The Villa features an oversized living room with tons of seating with an adjacent full wet bar. Additionally, there is a 10 person dining room table where you can eat in private away from the rest of the resort.

There is a Guest Bedroom whether you are traveling with children or friends and even a private Gym.

The Villa comes with a full time butler and there is even a butter and catering kitchen in the villa for a private chef or preparing meals.

The Outdoor Area

Enjoy an oversized infinity style plunge pool, outdoor showers, and a large covered sitting area to enjoy your backyard which overlooks unobstructed views of the beautiful Indian Ocean waters.

There are a lot of amazing Hotel accommodations in the world but the Muraka Suite is one of the most unique experiences you can book. This is no doubt a pricy room but a once in a lifetime memory.

The murka exterior overwater villa with private golf cart

aerial view of the murka suite in the coral reef and ocean water in the Maldives

Blue and turquoise water and private island of the Conrad Maldives as the light shines from the morning clouds


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