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Vegas Road Trip

The drive from LA to Vegas isn’t that exciting as the majority of it is either sitting in traffic or driving through desert. If you make your way East on the I-15 for the 4 hour drive, be sure to stop at the following spots!


7 Magic Mountains - this little spot in the middle of the dessert is Stonehenge meets Instagram. Large colored rocks bring out a great contrast to the sandy desert landscape. These boulders are stacked well over 25’ in the air and make for a great place to stretch your legs or take some colorful photos for the gram.

Primm, Nevada - home to the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System and some casinos if you can't wait to press your luck and start gambling. The solar farms bring crazy looking light as a large tower directs light in to the solar panels on the ground for more energy consumption! Makes for a crazy sight. You can also see these from the sky if you are ever flying over California/ Nevada.

Mojave Dessert - a little off the way will give you a place to heat up and stretch your legs and catch some nice views. Go in the Fall or Spring to catch some nice hikes when it isn't too hot like the Mojave Laba Tube, Rings Loop Trail, Kelso Dunes or the Mitchell Caverns.

Once you get to Vegas you are in the mecca of entertainment. If you are looking to get outdoors and not just be stuck on casino property or the strip, be sure to check out the following:

Valley of Fire State Park - If you are coming from Arizona/Utah, be sure to stop at this majestic desert state park. This is actually past Vegas if you are driving from the LA area.

Check out my blog for best views in the park:

Red Rocks Canyon Overlook

Lake Mead - Not the same as Lake Powell, UT but there is plenty of lake and fun to be had

Hoover Dam - the iconic structure is a great place to enjoy and take in some views

Grand Canyon - a further drive or helicopter ride away is surely worth the visit to the North or South Rims. The North Rim is less frequented but is a great experience as well. The South Rim is more built up and brings in way more traffic and crowds and is open year round.


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